New AES Extreme 2132 Jumbo size nesting machine delivered and commissioned....

Although the CNC router is now pretty much a standard piece of machinery found in many workshops throughout the country, the choice of which machine can be somewhat daunting with everyone 'selling the best' machine.

 The reality is, anything of quality will cost accordingly and with so many 'budget' priced machines being offered from the far east and the larger manufacturers turning to 'value engineering' making their mass produced 'entry level' machines lighter in construction and slower in use, leaving many users the choice of a £30k gamble on the cheaper machine or £50 to £60k on a machine that may have a limited 'shelf life' due to light weight construction and slow feed speeds.

 AES are a company who have grown substantially in recent years, in particular with their export activities and now have dedicated offices in USA and Belgium. The reason behind this success...? Customer Focus. i.e. From the foundations of the heavily constructed machine frame, to using quality branded components including HSD Drill box and motors, Becker vacuum pump, Schaltz Vacuum blocks, Yaskawa motor motion control, THK linear guides, Osai control unit etc. AES present all their customers with the highest quality of machinery designed to work 24/7 if required. Having the operating system from industry leading Alphacam allows you to grow with the machine by easily adding or integrating further Alphacam or Cabinet Vision packages and therefore not facing the confines and restrictions of 'home grown' software. 

 A big part of any purchase of new CNC machinery has to be the after sales service. Afterall, in the background these are very complex machines made to be user friendly to carry out a complicated process. So, all machines we supply are installed and commissioned by the manufacturer with every machine having direct technical support where the team at AES can offer assistance to any 'problem' there may be on the machine, whether this be during programming using Alphacam or any other potential issue. The AES support staff can connect remotely and guide you through the steps to using the machine correctly and run diagnostics, this being the quickest and first response which more often than not would resolve the problem without the need for booking engineers etc.  Also being registered with Alphacam UK, every customer has peace of mind for this additional support if and when required. Additionally, we have a national network of sales and support technicians for the ongoing care and maintenance to ensure your investment is catered for over the long term.

DPI are a well known exhibition display manufacturer who also have a shopfitting service. Occupying over 50,000 sq ft in Southport, the company cater for some of largest world events in Sport and recreational activities. Previously the company has always contracted some of the work out, relying on other people's quality and timescales which by bringing 'in house' not only saves money but also allows them to work to stricter timescales and take control of manufacturing deadlines.

Just 2 weeks after the installation, DPI reported that for the first time the manufacturing was ahead of the assembly shop with some jobs that usually took around 4 hours marking out, bandsawing then using manual routers reduced to just a few minutes on the CNC.

The machine supplied was the AES Extreme 2132 (Bed size 3200mm x 2100mm) capable of accepting both 10 x 5 and jumbo sized panels. The machione was also fitted with the following options;

1) Additional vacuum pump

2) Automatic bed cleaning and push off of the workpiece (for all of you who have a 'stand alone' CNC, you will know how difficult it can be to manually offload, especially with a bed width of 2100mm and of course how time consuming and dificult it can be to keep the spoil board clean and free from dust to prevent slippage during machining.

3) A HSD face drilling unit allowing the machine to nest and drill carcasses and cabinets.

4) Side mounted 12 position tool changer for improved efficiency (router head only has to move along the Y axis to pick up a new tool)

5) Split bed vacuum when using 1/2 or part sheets.

For further information on the AES range of CNC nesting machines, please visit our website where there are a number of videos uploaded showing the machines in action.

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