AES....the undiscovered gem of CNC

Ok....consider this....the UK is actually just a small island compared to the big wide world and as is often the case, we as the general population only know what we are told by the media and perhaps the monopolists who want to control the market place. Therefore those looking beyond our 'little Britain' are allowed a larger insight and perspective of what treasures lay outside our traditional this thinking outside the box, or is this global thinking...?

 One such treasure of a company is the AES Group. Established in 1989, AES have become a market leader in the design, developement and manufacture of CNC machinery predominenltly for the woodworking industry. Once you understand manufacturers often construct just the machine frame which providing it is made in such a way to ensure accuracy, rigidity and stability, the rest of the machine is constructed using 'bolt on' components. Providing these 'bolt on' components are from globally recognised manufacturers reknowned for their quality and reliability, then the whole machine package becomes a product to compete with, and in the case of AES can often surpass products from the very best names in the industry.

 Where many manufacturers of CNC machines have turned to 'value engineering' which essentially equates to light weight machine frames, AES have stuck to traditional heavy duty manufacturing allowing their machines to considerable out perform many of the so called 'entry level' machines whilst remaining competitive on price. For example, most 'entry level' CNC machines have a maximum linear speed of between 25-35 m/min....just consider the improved efficiency of a machine that can move up to 70 m/min. For example when carrying out a tool change on the router, the AES machine will be back working as the slower moving machine is still selecting a tool. When moving point to point for drilling, the AES machine will considerably out perform the slower moving machines. At the end of the day/week/year the time saving or hourly saving can allow further capacity which equates to more profitability.....or....maybe more time on the beach topping up the tan..?

You may be wondering 'what's the catch' or 'this sounds too good to be true'....the answer is, there is no catch and maybe this is a perfect example of thinking 'outside' the box, or outsde the traditional boundaries when it comes to considering a CNC.

The AES range consists of;

Sirius - Through feed drilling and routing machine

Nova - Stand alone Nesting machine

Extreme - Stand alone or fully automated nesting machine

Raptor - Stand alone or fully automated nesting machine

Vega - Pod and rail style drilling and routing machine

Matadoor - For processing door blanks having a horizontal router head

Vega 5 X - 5 axis router


Check out the AES holding area of machines that are sold and awaiting delivery....


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