Genisis P32 CNC


Having sold sliding table panel saws for many years,this new model from the established Genisis range quite simply is unbeatable in terms of quality and unbelievable value for money

In today's difficult trading conditions,this machine sets out to be the ultimate recession beating,credit crunching panel saw. Aimed at the medium sized manufacturer,it is a full blown industrial machine with the same heavy duty sliding table as found on the 'X' type machines, the same heavy duty cross cut fence with 2 x heavy duty flip stops, and taking a 400mm diameter blade driven by 5.5Kw (7.5Hp) motor makes this suitable for solid wood as well as panel sizing.

However, this all new machine is the CNC version which has an overhead mounted colour touchscreen control that gives easy access to the following functions;

  • motorised raise and lower of the main saw blade
  • motorised tilting of the saw blades
  • motorised movement of the 1300mm rip fence
  • motorised raise and lower of the scorer
  • motorised lateral movement of the scorer
  • ability to work off the upper or lower dimension when the blade is tilted
  • quick program page
  • facility to store upto 300 programs

We guarantee there is nothing on the market to beat this machine at this price level, so why pay more for a lesser value product?


Main saw blade diameter max.

Ø 400 mm

Max. cutting height with blade at 90°

125 mm

Max. cutting height with blade at 45°

88 mm

Rectified cast iron fixed table dimension

570x1000 mm

Main blade speed

3000 / 4000 / 5000 RPM

Sliding table length

380 x 3200mm

Main saw bore

Ø 30 mm

Main motor power

7.5HP (5.5KW)

Scoring saw blade

Ø 120mm

Scoring motor power

1HP (0.75KW)

Scoring blade speed

8000 RPM

Cutting width

1300 mm

Saw table extension

720 mm

Cross cut fence manual movement


With Mitre fence


Motorised control for cutting width adjustment


Motorised control for blade tilting adjustment


Motorized for main saw height adjustment


Motorised control for scoring saw height adjustment


Motorised control for scoring + / - direction adjustment


With Luxurious Overhead saw guard


With digital display for the tilting of saw blade


With LED display for the rpm show of saw blade


With tool frame


With Clamping shoe


Main channel dust collection

Ø 100 mm

Lux saw guard dust collection

Ø 75 mm
Weight of machine 1124 kg