Another heavy duty OMC oil heated press gets delivered...

When selling machines weighing around 8 tons, there are certain considerations that need to be taken into account. These are big, bulky and heavy machines, so moving them around needs to be taken with great care and planning to minimise customer disruption.

This latest sale of the OMC 10 x 5 oil heated press went to a Lancashire based panel fabrication company who previously had a smaller cold press. This new machine can press at up to 160 tons pressure and can heat up to 120 degrees. The machine has 10 pressing rams with the option of excluding both sets of outside rams via the touch screen if only part loading the machine. Even when these rams are excluded, they will still operate to lift the bed and loaded work but do not go under high pressure. The machine is also equipped with parallel lift sensors to protect the bed in the even of accidental and incorrect loading. The touchscreen offers a host of features including automatic heat on and off so the machine can be up to temperature ready for work automatically. It can also calculate the pressure given the loading area making the machine both safe and easy to use.

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