New Genisis machines arrive in Barnsley, South Yorkshire....

One of our compact 4 sided planers has recently been delivered and installed at Koncept maintenance which is part of the Sovereign group of companies, along with one of our Genisis SF220 L long bed spindle moulders.

Both machines will make a major contribution towards the investment into the manufacturing facility, with the 4 sided planer being used for the accurate sizing of door lippings and the spindle moulder being used for rebating as well as machining HPL.

The Genisis 180 FSP 4 sided planer has independent motors to each cutting head, pre straightening table, 2 feed speeds and the pre infeed roller can be included or excluded via the quick release lever. The machine has an interlocked safety enclosure, acoustically lined to keep noise levels to a minimum.

The New Genisis SF220L has a backwards tilting shaft with both the adjusting handwheels for the tilt and the raise and lower situated at the front of the machine for operator convenience. Both adjustments also have position indicators by way of graduated gravity clocks. The powerful 7.5Hp motor has automatic star/delta starting and this being the long bed version offers plenty of support when maching long lengths of timber and also being equipped with the telescopic support rail offers excellent support when machining panels or doors etc.

Another advantage is the adjustment elements for the fences are situated from above, giving the operator easy access when setting the machine between jobs as opposed to the operating elements being at the rear of the machine. This machine is also equipped with the possibility to run the spindle in the reverse direction.

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