Happy New Year everyone! An exciting year ahead...

Looking back on 2016....this has been a very interesting year for us as our company moves forward with some very interesting developements scheduled for 2017 (watch this space...!)

2016 was not always good news as we were targetted by some 'fraudsters' who paid for goods using a credit card, the payments being processed using the data given including the UK address to which the card was registered....only to be told a number of weeks later one card was registered in China and one was registered in Japan and our card provider Worldpay were going to take the money back off us. Is this really fraud or is this negligence from the card company accepting and processing a payment given quite clearly the wrong information..? Personally I think the banks are not bothered as they are using a 'fencing' company to make the transaction and therefore it is not costing them a penny.....it is the small guys like us that suffer...so.....credit cards are no longer accepted as they have proved to be an unsafe method of payment...

On a positive note, today is Friday 23rd December...the eve of Christmas eve and we are still in work and...erm....just received an order for one of our super popular Genisis 512S edge banding machines...! The Genisis edge banders are still proving to be a resounding success with pretty much every customer asking 'what is the catch'....quite simply, there is none.....just consider that corner rounding from any other manufacturer  would involve adding circa 1m length to a machine to accomodate 2 additional high speed rounding mouters to simply blend in the corners of the tape when using 2mm PVC...this ordinarily adds around £7k to the price.....on our machine, we use the same top and bottom trimmer motors which are allowed to simplyroll over the edges to allow this rounding of the corners....simples...! Oh...and cost effective..! By allowing the same cutters to travel up the ends of the panels saves around £4k as opposed to having another 2 high speed motors with sawblades and around another 0.5m of machine length...so, what you end up with is a machine easier and quicker to set up between different tapes, more compact in size.....that costs so much less...no catch at all...!

This year also saw the value of the £ fluctate upon the announcement of our decision to leave the EU and I guess whether you are pro or anti Brexit isn't really an issue....the issue is that a decision has been made and we need to look forward and to make our businesses a success....this can be done by evolving just as we do to every other market demand. As point of interest, we have been importing from non EU countries for many years and have found the quality and technical innovation just as good as products from any EU countries.....but a lot more comptitive on price....plus did you know that many of the so called branded manufacturers have their products built elsewhere....yet still charge as though hey are built in their own factories..?

W16 was our biggest exhibition and as always we were there demonstrating a selection of machines from our range, a number of which were sold at the exhibition with a number of sales directly afterwards. This has prompted us to re book for 2018 where we will have twice the space to show even more exciting products.

In a nutshell.....our thanks go out to all our customers both past and present and as always we can assure you we will always do our utmost to act in your best interests both during and after the sales process.

Carl O'Meara

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