Ligna 2017....The world's largest exhibition of woodworking machinery..?

For those that have never visited the Ligna trade show but have been to one of the UK shows held at the NEC, just imagine the NEC and then multiply by at least 100...that is an idea of how vast the Ligna trade show in Germany really is. It probably takes a minimum of 2-3 days just to do a walk by and see all the exhibits. For those lucky enough to attend the event, they will realise just how many manufacturers of woodworking machinery there really are and also realise just how few manufacturers are represented here in the UK.

So in a nutshell, that is what we are here for. Being a totally independent company, we look for new, exciting and innovative products often from smaller specialist manufacturers where the products are built around a purpose as opposed to be being built around a price. Our background as engineers to the industry allows us to see new products through the eyes of an engineer as opposed to the eyes of a salesman.

At Ligna, we spent 4 days solid working with our trusted suppliers and business partners as well as looking for new products which we feel UK customers would benefit. 

Here are some of the highlights;

Kundig - For those serious about sanding

Edge banders - Our best selling machines built for us to our specification

Briquetters - Did you know we have been selling our briquette machines since 2008..?

Photo bombed by Mr John Legg, editor of Furniture and Joinery Production magazine :-)

Sliding table panel saws - our best selling panel saws with over 120 installations throughout the UK and this 3 axis CNC machine being due into our showroom shortly.

This demonstration was to show that even under stress and loaded with 2 slightly out of shape and middle aged men, the sliding table was still so easy to operate....with just 2 fingers....well, I think that was what the demonstration was about...!


Coming soon....a comprehensive range of CNC routers and machining this space or enquire for more information...

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