Very popular with Timber Merchants

In December 2016, we were contacted by Longrdge Timber to see if we could assist with their machinery requirement for their new site in Preston, Lancashire which needed to be opened on 1st February 2017. Initially the enquiry was for a new wallsaw as the machine would be used predominently for cutting to size sheet material. However once we engaged in conversation regarding other materials that would need to be cut, along with the floor space available, we recommended consideration be given to one of our Genisis P32 sliding table panel saws.

Both the wallsaw and the Genisis P32 were available from stock.

The big advantage of the Genisis P32 was it could accomodate the accurate sizing of all panels, including the sterling boards, composites and insulation materials as well as being powerful enough to offer solid wood cutting, hence all works could be carried out on the one machine, in effect saving space rather than having a wallsaw followed by a series of other machines to allow the deeper cutting required of the thicker materials and the solid wood.

The machine was ordered along with a dust extraction unit and delivered and commissioned to an agreed schedule.


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